On November 30, 1979, Pink Floyd released the album “The Wall”. With its lyrics of social revenge and inner struggle, the album written by Roger Water marks a turning point for all generations, contemporary and future, in difficulty.

The songs tell the story of Pink, a rock star who after a series of psychological traumas, such as the death of his father or the discovery of his wife’s betrayals, manages to build a mental wall around him, “The Wall”. Each song is an extra brick, a “bricks”, which completes the wall with which Pink is metaphorically able to isolate himself from the outside world. A wall that she at the end of the journey, however, believes she must break down, to eliminate her defenses and integrate with the world.

“Another brick in the wall” is certainly the most iconic song of the entire album. Composed in 3 parts, the second and even more famous, it is a fierce criticism of the institutions of the time. According to Waters, children, instead of growing and enriching themselves through education, are flattened by a school system that makes them all the same. A depersonalization that brings to the world of adults figures without creativity and their own will. The image is rendered very well in the video of the song. A series of guys, completely alike, who are sucked into a huge meat grinder.

Even without direct references to the Berlin Wall, the song and the entire album were extremely contemporary and at the same time visionary with the situation that Europe was experiencing at that time. Waters then decided to organize a concert in Berlin, on July 21, 1990, to celebrate the fall of the Wall the previous year. Pink Floyd performed live with songs from the album “The Wall”, accompanied by a scenography that depicted a wall being torn down. It was the first approach to mending the cultural divide between the people of the East with that of the West.