We can all call ourselves the Lego Generation, which grew up together with these cute colored bricks that have always contributed to the development of our creativity and imagination.
The well-known brand owes its fame to the Danish Ole Kirk Christiansen who in 1916 from a simple carpenter became over time one of the largest toy manufacturers in the world.

In 1932 Kirk, having overcome some vicissitudes including a fire and the economic crisis of 1929, decided to change the business by trying to cut production costs, so he thought of manufacturing his products by resizing them, so as to speed up their design.

These miniatures inspired the production of wooden toys that would begin shortly thereafter, calling them in 1934 Lego from “leg godt”, which in Danish means “play well”.

The bricks, however, as we know them today, were launched in 1958: their shape and the possibility of being able to hook them endless times in different ways made them an excellent game.

Over the years, the Lego world has become increasingly varied: not only toys, but also animated films, theme parks and more, such as training with the use of bricks.
The Lego Serious Play (LSP) method was born in the 1990s in Denmark, at #LEGO, as an internal business method to facilitate and facilitate decision-making processes.

The idea of ​​using the pieces invented by Christiansen in the business world is due to two strategy experts from the Imd Business School in Lausanne, who decided to propose an alternative to the usual company meetings, inspired by the behavioral model of children.

LSP is used in the business environment to help think, share ideas, build teams, solve problems and define strategies. The work with LSP involves 100% participants, greatly accelerating the cognitive, ideational and emotional processing processes, bringing the game with bricks into a “serious” context, that is, within training courses with specific operational purposes.

Legos were born at a very different time from today, but they seem to have found the secret of eternal youth, always managing to renew itself.